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Learn How The Freedom Bed™ Helps Reduce Complications of Long-Term Immobility for those Recovering From a Stroke

The brain is in control of the entire human body. It ultimately dictates how we behave, think, communicate and move. Neurons are the specialized cells in the brain that are able to do this by being constantly fed by a supply of blood. A stroke is a term used for a medical complication that describes the stoppage of blood flowing to any part of the brain.

When the brain is unable to receive the oxygen-rich nutrients of the blood it needs to survive, the cells begin to die, seriously affecting the ability of an individual to speak, walk, and recall information. This interruption of blood flow can cause irreparable damage to the brain, but the effects of a stroke depend largely on the areas of the brain that are damaged, and the severity of the damage done.

There are two main types of stroke. An Ischemic stroke is the most common type of blockage, typified by a cerebral artery being blocked by a buildup of plaque on the inside of an artery wall. The blockage, or clot of plaque, can grow when blood and fat cells cling to the blockage until it is able to prevent normal blood flow. These types of blockages may form within the brain, or elsewhere in the body and then can travel to the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the breakage of a cerebral artery that is weakened, damaged, or ruptured. This interruption of blood flow is typically caused by prolonged high blood pressure that weaken arteries over time. The result of weakened arteries is often an aneurysm that stretches too far and pops.

Stroke may affect the body in many ways and can sometimes cause permanent disability and immobility due to paralysis and loss of muscle function. Many stroke survivors experience paralysis of one side of their body - or may lose control of certain muscle groups depending on where the stroke occurs within the brain. Stroke may also affect the muscles of the mouth and throat, affecting the ability of an individual to swallow, eat, or communicate.

The Freedom Bed by ProBed Medical Technologies helps many stroke survivors to experience improved quality of life and a renewed sense of fulfillment and independence by alleviating caregiver intervention and promoting healthy sleep routines to reduce the effects of pain and many chronic medical complications associated with strokes.

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Rotating Bed For Stroke Patients

A Stroke may affect the physical independence of an individual by severely damaging brain cells and areas of the brain responsible for body movement and mobility. The Freedom Bed’s programmed rotation provides a  true benefit by ensuring unparalleled levels of independence and comfort for users.

Sleep studies showcase that people tend to turn every 10-12 minutes during the night, stimulating tissue and the movement of bodily fluids which promote good circulation. This movement can relieve pain, improve overall behavior and mood, and help an individual to regain the ability to sleep well.


The Freedom Bed™ benefits stroke survivors by:

Automatically turning of the body providing pressure relief and the prevention and/or reduction of bedsores.

Significantly improving sleep quality

 Providing the opportunity to live in a home setting, rather than a medical institution or hospital

Significantly reducing pain associated with immobility

Improving respiratory health and the clearance of oral secretions

 Featuring a 30 - 40° range of raised torso positions for bed users who are tube-fed or ventilated

 Requiring substantially less assistance from family/caregivers preserving dignity and independence.


The Freedom Bed’s automatic lateral rotation and air-powered kinetic therapy systems smoothly and quietly rotates its users from side to side by mechanically repositioning the body to restore blood flow to compressed tissue. It is built from the highest quality materials to provide users with powerful assistance in lessening mobility issues associated with the effects of stroke. The Freedom Bed ensures that users can enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep with little or no intervention from professional caregivers or family members.

The biggest hurdle in adjusting to the ramifications of immobility is taking the first action toward a better quality of life. Our knowledgeable medical bed specialists are always ready to discuss your specific needs.

"The product is really only surpassed by the excellent customer service.  ProBed was there for any questions, any time of the day, even in the middle of the night.  Two thumbs up, or five stars as they say.  The product really helped our family during a difficult period.”

Steve York

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