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Learn How The Freedom Bed™ Helps Reduce Complications of Long-Term Immobility for those with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that develops in the brain and is caused by non-progressive injury or abnormal malformation while a child’s brain is under development. While most people with Cerebral Palsy are born with the condition, some may acquire it later in life. It is commonly referred to as a disease while it is not; rather it is a term that is used to describe a series of symptoms and conditions that cause physical impairment.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) primarily manifests as signs of physical impairment, affecting motor function, muscle coordination, and body movement. CP may also impact gross and fine motor skills, muscle reflex and tone, posture, and balance. It may also affect oral motor functioning, impacting an individual’s ability to speak or eat. It was once widely regarded that children with Cerebral Palsy acquired the condition as a result of birthing complications, but current research suggests the vast majority of CP cases stem from brain injury or abnormal development prior to birth. However, there are rare cases of medical malpractice, accidents, infection, and negligence that may lead to CP, accounting for an overall estimated 10% of cases. 

Every case of CP is unique to the individual it affects and is a permanent, non-progressive, condition that does not worsen over time. Some individuals may only exhibit physical conditions including tremors and partial paralysis, while others may experience complete paralysis and require constant care. While the effects of CP are long term, the silver lining is that CP is also a manageable condition that can be treated with therapy, surgery, medications, and assistive bed technologies that help improve the comfort, dignity, function, and personal well-being of the individual.

The ProBed Freedom Bed is a unique computer-controlled, oscillating sleep therapy system that automatically rotates its user into comfortable sleeping and sitting positions without the aid of professional caregivers or family members. The Freedom Bed mimics the natural motion of the human body throughout the night helping restore blood flow to the extremities while decompressing tissue, thus preventing new complications associated with immobility such as:

 Pressure ulcers (bed sores)


Respiratory complications such as pneumonia

 Bone demineralization

Pressure injuries like bedsores are incredibly painful and represent one of the largest concerns to the sufferers, family members, caregivers and medical professionals. Other risks associated with Cerebral Palsy and permanent immobility can include chronic daily pain due to the inability to move out of uncomfortable postures and positions. As a Cerebral Palsy bed, the Freedom Bed is ideal for continued, independent movement and relief from pain, potential hip subluxation, and gastroesophageal reflux.

If left untreated, these complications can result in inflated medical costs and health risks for the individual. The Freedom Bed™ assists in overcoming these complications while helping improve quality of life and lowering potential for medical costs. - See the cost vs. benefits

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Rotating Bed For Cerebral Palsy

As Cerebral Palsy affects the ability of the individual to control their bodily movements and position, the automatic oscillation of the Freedom Bed™ is an incredible benefit in ensuring an unparalleled level of independence, self-worth and comfort for users.

Sleep studies show that people tend to turn every 10-12 minutes during the night, stimulating tissue and the movement of bodily fluids that promote good circulation. This movement can relieve pain, improve overall behavior and mood and help an individual to regain the ability to sleep well.


The Freedom Bed™ benefits Children with Cerebral Palsy by:

Automatically turning of the body providing pressure relief and the prevention or reduction of bedsores.

Significantly improves sleep quality

 Providing the opportunity to live in a home setting, rather than an institution or hospital

Providing significant pain reduction

Providing better respiratory health and clearance of oral secretions

 Allowing raised upper torso positioning for bed users who are tube fed

 Reducing the amount of  assistance required from family/caregivers


The Freedom Bed’s automatic lateral rotation and air-powered kinetic therapy systems are built from the highest quality materials to provide users with powerful assistance in lessening repositioning issues for immobilised persons including children with Cerebral Palsy.

It has been specifically designed to provide the best in comfort and practicality to meet the needs of both its users and their dedicated caregivers. The Freedom Bed’s mechanical parts have been engineered to operate as silently as possible, ensuring that bed users are able to enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep with little or no intervention from professional caregivers or family members.

Our knowledgeable medical bed specialists are always ready to discuss your specific needs and how much the ProBed Freedom Bed™ can assist in challenges with immobility.

"The product is really only surpassed by the excellent customer service.  ProBed was there for any questions, any time of the day, even in the middle of the night.  Two thumbs up, or five stars as they say.  The product really helped our family during a difficult period.”

Steve York

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