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Learn How The Freedom Bed™ Helps Reduce Complications of Long-Term Immobility for those with ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease causing muscle weakness, paralysis, and respiratory system failure. This disease attacks cells in both the brain and spinal cord that are necessary to the body’s functional mobility. Symptoms begin as mild twitching and cramping, weakness in the arms and legs, and difficulties swallowing or speaking. As ALS progresses, individuals experience an increasing inability to move any part of the body, and often becoming completely dependent on a feeding tube for nutrition.

Long-term immobility caused by ALS can bring about its own list of complications, adding to the existing day-to-day challenges faced by affected individuals and their families.

There are very few treatment options for those affected by ALS, so issues of comfort, safety, and independence often become priorities. The ProBed Freedom Bed™ is a unique computer-controlled, manually oscillating therapy system that automatically rotates the user into comfortable sleeping and sitting positions without the aid of a specialized caregiver or family member. The system seeks to mimic the natural motion of the human body throughout the night restoring blood flow to extremities and decompressing tissue, preventing new complications associated with immobility such as:

 Pressure ulcers (Bedsores)


Respiratory complications such as pneumonia

 Urinary tract infections (kidney and bladder)

 Bone demineralization

Pressure injuries such as bedsores are incredibly painful and represent one of the largest concerns to the sufferers, caregivers, and medical professionals, while other risks associated with ALS and permanent immobility can include aspiration pneumonia as a result of having difficulty swallowing.

If left untreated, these complications can result in rapidly rising medical costs for the individual in addition to the added health risks. The Freedom Bed™ assists in overcoming these complications while helping to lower medical costs. - See the cost vs. benefits

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Rotating Medical Bed For ALS

As ALS affects both an individual's mobility and ability to communicate, the automatic nature of the Freedom Bed™ is a welcome benefit to ensure that an unparalleled level of dignity and comfort are given to the affected individual. Research shows that people tend to turn every 10-12 minutes while sleeping, stimulating tissue, and the movement of bodily fluids.

The Freedom Bed™ benefits people with ALS by:

 Automatic turning of the body providing pressure relief and the prevention or reduction of bedsores.

 Significantly better quality sleep

 The opportunity to live in a home setting, rather than an institution or hospital

 Significant pain reduction

 Better respiratory health and clearance of oral secretions

 30° raised torso position for bed users who are tube fed

 Substantially less assistance required from family/caregivers


The Freedom Bed™ from ProBed Medical and its automatic lateral rotation and air-powered systems are built of the highest quality materials to provide users with a powerful tool to assist in mobility issues associated with ALS symptoms. It has been painstakingly designed to provide the best in comfort and practicality to meet the needs of both its users and their caregivers. All of the Freedom Bed’s moving parts are built to operate as quietly as possible, ensuring that bed users are able to enjoy uninterrupted, comfortable sleep without intervention from healthcare professionals, caregivers, or family members.

The biggest hurdle of any process is often the first step. Consider speaking with one of our knowledgeable medical bed specialists to discuss your specific needs and to find out how much the Freedom Bed™ can help you on your own challenges with immobility.

"The product is really only surpassed by the excellent customer service.  ProBed was there for any questions, any time of the day, even in the middle of the night.  Two thumbs up, or five stars as they say.  The product really helped our family during a difficult period.”

Steve York

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