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ProBed Freedom Bed - Features

The many powerful features of the Freedom BedTM have been designed with versatility and user friendliness in mind. These features have been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility so that the bed-user or his/her caregiver can adjust the bed to meet individual needs. All mechanisms have been designed to operate as quietly as possible so that the bed-user is not woken up during rotations and particularly not during the night-time rotations.

Lateral Rotation - Manual or Automatic Operation

The Freedom BedTM has been designed so that the adjustable features of the lateral rotation system, the dwell times and angles of rotation, can be set both manually or automatically through the bed’s user-friendly control systems. This allows the bed-user/caregiver to set the bed to a customized turning schedule, in addition to many other benefits for the bed user that positively impact overall health and wellbeing.

Angle of Rotation

The lateral rotation system provides for the user to be smoothly and quietly turned through a 60° range of rotation along the spinal axis. Turning from the horizontal position to up to 30° left and 30° right provides pressure relief and beneficial kinetic therapy. Rotation can be programmed to stop at any position to meet the specific comfort and positioning requirements of the user. A digital screen on the main control panel provides a read-out of the angle settings.

Dwell Time

The variable dwell time feature allows the bed-user/caregiver to determine the effective dwell-time at any of the three dwell positions (left, right and horizontal). Each position has an individual setting and can be set to the exact minute – between one minute and four hours per position.

Air-powered torso and leg raising systems

The Freedom Bed’s unique low air pressure torso and leg elevating system provides an extraordinary level of comfort and versatility. The system works through the inflation of air cushions under the mattress that allow the mattress to conform to the bed user’s shape and provides a complete range of ergonomic positions.

The torso system can effortlessly raise the bed user from anywhere between horizontal and 70°. This is an ideal position for eating, watching TV or reading. It also assists with patient care and wheelchair transfer. The torso raising position is also beneficial for tube-fed bed users since the bed user can still be rotated with the torso raised up to 30°. A higher elevation angle can be achieved by combining head elevation with Reverse Trendelenburg.

The leg raising system is ideal for bed-users that obtain pain relief with their legs in an elevated position. The air pressure system for the legs has been designed so that the heels are supported in a low-pressure position when the cushion is inflated.

To supplement the leg raising system ProBed offers a range of leg bolsters that provide excellent support, especially for client s with leg contractures.  The design of the bolster provides effective and comfortable separation of the legs to avoid the development of pressure sores on high-risk areas (inner side of knees, ankles etc.)  The bolster also has a pad under the heels that can be easily removed to avoid, or assist in the treatment of, sores on the heels.

Powered Hi-Lo Elevation System

The powered Hi-Lo Elevation system allows the bed to be raised to an upper height of 34 inches or lowered to a base height of 22 inches when measured at the top of the mattress. The lower height supports transfer to and from a wheelchair and the upper height makes it easier to provide personal care to the bed-user.  To help prevent caregiver back injuries while caring for the user, the platform can be placed at any height between the two extremes.

Powered Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Mechanism

The powered Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg systems will tilt the bed by up to 12° in either the head-up or head-down direction. The head-down (Trendelenburg) position can be used for postural drainage for bed-users that have respiratory difficulties, whereas the head-up (Reverse Trendelenburg) position provides relief to bed-users with gastro-esophageal reflux and permits both manual and automatic rotation for bed-users requiring a respirator or other breathing device.

Safety Features

The bed-user and caregiver’s safety have been very much in the forefront of the design of the Freedom Bed. A number of safety features have been built into the design. They are:

Quality Construction

All components are of the highest quality. All moving parts use stainless steel pins housed in composite mounts that eliminate the need for scheduled maintenance. All fasteners are stainless steel. The bed frame utilizes strong lightweight aluminum and steel sections for long-term structural integrity. All finishes are a baked-on powder coat finish for durability and ease of cleaning.

The headboard and footboard are made of wood for aesthetic purposes and all drive components and mechanisms are totally enclosed in the headboard and/or footboard to provide excellent soundproofing and to ensure that there is no risk to the user or caregiver. The air-powered torso and leg raising systems are constructed from welded, clinical grade fabric and have undergone exhaustive testing and peer review.

Power Systems

The Freedom BedTM is powered by a low voltage system (12 V DC) that eliminates the risk of shock to the bed user or their caregiver. The bed’s built-in battery can power the bed for a number of days to continue repositioning in the event of power failures (the number of days varies depending on the turning schedule). A 12 V “smart charger” system ensures that the battery is always fully charged.

Voice Control Option

With the addition of the “Freedom Bed IR Control Interface”, most Infra Red capable Voice Control and ECU systems available can be programmed to control all functions of the Freedom BedTM. Ask us for details and see our additional models and accessories.

Low Operating Costs

The operating costs of the Freedom BedTM are significantly lower than other options since regular maintenance or replacement of consumables is not required. In addition, the use of DC power systems significantly reduces power costs compared to most other medical beds.


The high quality construction of the Freedom BedTM allows us to offer the following warranty:

Mechanical and Electrical Components: 3 years
Mattress: 2 years

Warranty does not apply to woodwork, battery, fuses or to any component that, in ProBed’s opinion, has been misused, altered, neglected or damaged by accident, presence of abnormal conditions of operation or handling.

"The product is really only surpassed by the excellent customer service.  ProBed was there for any questions, any time of the day, even in the middle of the night.  Two thumbs up, or five stars as they say.  The product really helped our family during a difficult period.”

Steve York

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