ProBed Medical Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest model of the Freedom Bed -Model PAR3-A3FXB – Bariatric Medical Bed.

Answering the call from both end-users and medical funders, ProBed Medical has introduced its wide-bodied bariatric medical bed that can accommodate persons weighing up to 600 pounds while still providing all the many exceptional benefits of the existing models of the Freedom Bed:

- Smooth, quiet and precise movement.
- Programmable rotation to 30° both left and right, in one-degree increments.
- Three programmable lateral positions – left, centre and right.
- Choice of bypassing one of the above positions if deemed necessary for medical, or personal preference, requirements.
- A range of dwell-times, in each of the three positions, from one minute to four hours.
- Variable height platform - lowest level provides easy transfer to and from bariatric bed to wheelchair
- Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning.


The Freedom Bed’s unique air system, located between the platform and the mattress provides virtually limitless positioning options, all while providing pressure redistribution.

The air system offers a unique opportunity for persons needing upper body elevation  for respiration, reflux, feeding tube requirements to be automatically repositioned using either the programming feature or the ‘on demand’ manual  capability.  To our knowledge the Freedom Bed is the only medical bed in the world that provides this important feature.

Read more about this incredible range of beds built with these specific thoughts in mind for bariatric patients:

1)  The long-term care of immobilized persons. 
2)  Ability to live at home in comfort and with dignity.
3)  A good night’s sleep, every night, for the user and family members (no more manual turning
4)  Virtual elimination of many challenges faced by the immobilized such as, but not limited to,
      pressure injuries (bed sores), bladder/urinary  tract infections and pulmonary congestion
      leading to pneumonia.
5)  Resultant reduced hospitalizations and significantly lower medical costs

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While checking out our website be sure to read the many testimonials from satisfied users of the Freedom Bed.

ProBed Medical has been building various models of the Freedom Bed for over 20 years and has gained the respect of the medical community and the thanks of users and their families.

The Freedom Bed is accredited as a ‘Class I Medical Device’ by Health Canada, the European Community and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.  It is accredited as a ‘Class II Medical Device’ by the United States’ Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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“The bed is quiet, good looking, very well built, and dependable. It even has a battery backup in case the power goes out.”

WG, Gardner MA – Cerebral Palsy (Freedom Bed user since 2006)

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