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The Benefits of Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy For Immobility

Critically ill patients and those living with the challenges of paraplegia and quadriplegia are particularly prone to both pulmonary complications and pressure-related injuries, more commonly referred to as bedsores. Thankfully, the 1970’s saw the introduction of Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) as a profound and progressive treatment protocol for individuals dealing with the ongoing effects of immobility and prolonged bed rest.

Many medical journals have published studies and findings that support the effectiveness of CLRT and/or kinetic therapy. In fact, the Nursing in Critical Care Journal calls for more “robust, in-depth research into the efficacy of this proposed treatment,” and notes that CLRT as an adjunct in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia has increased in popularity in recent years.


What is Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy?

CLRT is a proven type of kinetic therapy that focuses on strategically and continuously repositioning critically ill patients and individuals living with immobility. This system of therapy uses a programmable rotating bed like the Freedom Bed, designed and built by ProBed Medical Technologies Inc., that can be programmed to turn laterally, either continuously or on a preset program, specific to the needs of the patient.

Turning the individual by way of kinetic therapy should be continued aggressively once started, as cited by Critical Care Nurse Journal.

How Does Pressure Affect the Skin?

Pressure ulcers are ulcerated areas of the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis (skin layers)  caused by irritation and prolonged pressure on a specific part of the body - commonly on bony parts of the body, like elbows, shoulders, bottom, back of the head, and heels. The pressure associated with inadequate or no
repositioning frequently creates an area of skin damage that can spread to lower levels of tissue under the skin, in extreme cases causing permanent damage to muscle and bone.

Bedsores can be very painful, can occur rather quickly and can be accelerated by moisture, increasing the negative effects of friction and pressure on tissue.

The key to preventing and treating existing pressure ulcers is frequent movement, alleviating pressure build-up on the affected tissue.


The Benefits of Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy

CLRT is widely accepted to reduce the impact of extended best rest. CLRT provides its recipients with frequent repositioning in order to prevent pulmonary complications and the breakdown of tissue under pressure.

A study conducted by the Medical Center of Central Georgia found that implementation of Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy protocols was directly related to a reduction of patient readmissions to critical care units.

CLRT is recognized as a key factor in providing relief from pain associated with bedsores. It offers a better quality of sleep by eliminating the need for manual turning of the body and allows most immobilized persons  to live in a home setting rather than an institutionalized environment.                                             

ProBed’s Freedom Bed offers programmable lateral rotation therapy that can be adjusted, at any time, to meet the changing needs of the user.  It will assist in preventing or reducing the pain, discomfort, and subsequent medical interventions associated with pressure injuries (bedsores) and respiratory conditions such as pneumonia. It is of particular value to people with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries as well as those living with the challenges of Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and many other immobilizing conditions.

Contact us today to discuss how the Freedom Bed can help you or your loved-one living with the many challenges of immobility.

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