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Browse our selection of videos to learn more about unique features and accessories offered by ProBed Medical. Interested in learning more? Take a detailed look at our available models and accessories.

Lateral Rotation Therapy

Automatic lateral rotation to meet your specific needs – a multitude of
positioning options for maximum benefit and better health.

Head and Leg Elevation

Adding to the lateral rotation therapy built into all Freedom Beds, “Head and Leg Elevation” provides extra benefits, not available on any other medical bed.

Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg

The Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg features add even more healthcare benefits – a different ‘slant’ on medical bed technology!

The Freedom Bed’s Unique Mattress

Delivering Unequalled Comfort, the unique features of the Freedom Bed
mattress, mimicking the movement of the three-part platform below, provide
maximum sleeping comfort combined with the effectiveness of accurate, quiet
and effortless automatic repositioning.

Side Rails

The dynamic side rails provide safety for the client while allowing him/her to look
through the widely-spaced bars that also allow good observation benefits for the
caregiver(s). Full and half side rails are available and are interchangeable.

Powered High-Low Feature

A 12” sweep allows for easy adjustment of the height of the bed for placing or
removing the patient from the bed while offering adjustable platform positions to make life easier for caregivers of all heights!

Control Systems

Two control units come standard with each Freedom Bed – one recessed in the
foot-end cover that operates most features of the bed including the automatic
programming feature and a hand control that also operates the air system for
head and leg elevation.

Available Bed Accessories

Discover our range of available accessories to improve accessibility and functionality of the Freedom Bed. Learn more about available models and accessories.

Leg Bolster Accessory

Freedom Bed leg bolsters remove, or minimize, the discomfort resulting from leg
contractures and leg abduction. Making a ‘good night’s sleep’ into a ‘great night’s
sleep’. Various models available to meet your needs. Custom versions also can
be ordered.

Arm Bolster Accessory

“Arm” yourself with more comfort options for the placement of your arms and
shoulders. Just another feature to give you what you need – comfort and

Patient Override Button Accessory

The “Patient Override Button” gives you easy control over rotation and
auto/manual modes at your fingertips! Can be operated with reduced manual

Voice Control Accessory

A Freedom Bed “Custom Interface Control Box” gives you the ‘freedom’ to control
all the features of the bed – and a lot more! Answer the phone? Turn on the TV?
No problem with voice control using this Freedom Bed accessory.

Side Wheels Accessory

The “Side Wheel Kit” gives your caregivers enhanced moving and relocation
capabilities – see how!

"The product is really only surpassed by the excellent customer service.  ProBed was there for any questions, any time of the day, even in the middle of the night.  Two thumbs up, or five stars as they say.  The product really helped our family during a difficult period.”

Steve York

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