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ProBed Freedom BedTM - Benefits

Benefits for the Bed User

The many features of the Freedom BedTM provide a number of key benefits to immobilized bed-users such as:

Benefits for Home-Based Caregivers

The physical and mental tasks associated with caring for immobilized persons can place a considerable burden on spouses, parents, etc. The physical requirements of manually turning an immobile person frequently mean that family members become unable, through age and/or infirmity, to provide the required assistance. This results in institutionalization of the family member.

The Freedom BedTM has been designed with the caregiver very much in mind and provides considerable benefits along with the ability to provide a significantly better quality of home-based care.

The Freedom BedTM automatically turns the bed user during the night thus eliminating the need for the caregiver to get up every two hours. Sleep deprivation is considerably reduced and thus caregiver physical and mental fatigue are decreased.

There is a reduced need to manually turn or reposition the user and thus a decreased chance of the caregiver developing neck, shoulder or back injuries
The head-raising and leg-raising system and bed height adjustment assists in positioning the user for personal care and for transfer to and from a wheelchair.

Benefits for Institutions Providing Care to Immobilized Patients

There are many significant benefits that accrue to institutions as a result of investing in the Freedom BedTM. These include:

Cost Benefits to the Health Care Industry

For an industry struggling to get its costs under control the Freedom BedTM offers significant savings by focusing on a strategy of prevention of the problems before they occur. It offers:

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“I have to write to you in order to express my absolute satisfaction with the Freedom bed that I bought from Pro-Bed. I’ve had the bed since June of 2010 and it has exceeded my wildest dreams.

I can confidently make the claim that anyone who purchases your bed will never regret it.”

~ NR, New York,  January 2015 (SCI)

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