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ProBed Freedom Bed - Testimonials

Freedom Bed a "Real Blessing" for Quadriplegic and Family

To ProBed:

We are Wilfred and Elaine Gauthier and we purchased a Freedom Bed for our 41-year old son Curt. Curt has Cerebral Palsy, and is quadriplegic.

Until the day that we got our bed, we had to turn Curt physically, a minimum of six or eight times each night. (Curt is a big guy, around 195 lbs).

One day, our son's Case Manager came to do a house visit, and showed us some literature on the Freedom Turning Bed. We didn't know there was anything on the market to do such a thing.

I called ProBed and talked with Mr. Stephen Plummer, and he gave me loads of information about the bed. Steve was very informative and cooperative.

Eventually, we purchased a bed, and it was delivered around the end of September in 2006. I know it was a Friday. There was a team of men at our house for most of the weekend.

The men stayed at a local hotel, and no one left until everything was working right. They did everything to assure that our son was comfortable in his new bed. These guys were at our home when my son got ready for his bed and they came to our home in the morning to be sure that he slept comfortably.

One of the men stayed until Monday morning. "How's that for service!!!"

Our son slept through the night on the first night, only awakening when the bed turned because it was new to him. We never have been called from him to be turned since that night. We still have to do his itches, etc. but that Freedom Bed is a blessing for all of us.

The bed is quiet, good looking, very well built, and dependable. It even has a battery backup in case the power goes out.

If I have any questions about the bed, all I have to do is call the company and they have people that can talk through a fix or a computer adjustment.

Congratulations ProBed on making a fine product, one that has made life a lot easier for the three of us.

Wilfred, Elaine, and Curt Gauthier
376 Park Street,
Gardner, MA 01440

A Charge Nurse’s Comments on the Impact of the Kinetic Therapy Lateral Turning Freedom Bed™ on a Resident’s State of Health

A Long Term Care Facility near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patient Background

On February 11, 2004, the resident, who is 92, began his therapy in the Freedom Bed. The resident had several ailments: Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Stage Four Pressure Ulcer on the Coccyx, Respiratory Ailment causing choking, requiring constant suctioning and Fed through a “G” Tube. The later two ailments required the head gatch to be raised to between 30˚ to 35˚.

The resident was also in a semi-fetal position with his legs raised towards his chest (as if in a seated position) requiring pillows to support them. The resident was non-communicative, nervous, tense, poor disposition and in pain.


As of April 11, 2004, the stage four pressure ulcer is continuing to heal (see latest data below) and will be reclassified to a stage three. The charge nurse feels that at the current rate of recovery, by early June the resident may be able to get out of bed and into a wheel chair for a few hours per day.

The resident is no longer in a semi-fetal position but completely relaxed and stretched out in the bed. The resident sleeps very comfortably, is calm, quite talkative and no longer in pain.

The respiratory ailment has improved greatly, with the lungs now clear but still some mucous in the bronchial tubes. During the day the resident is able to clear the sputum himself. At night while asleep suctioning is occasionally required.
The resident is now able to and interested in eating some solid food and his weight has gone up by 2kg in the last month.

The bed is still programmed to automatically laterally turn the patient to 20˚ every 20 minutes.

The nurse now refers to the bed as “The Miracle Bed”.

Ulcer Data

Date April 2/04 April 7/04 April 15/04
Size (cm) 2.5 x 3.5 2.3 x 2.8 2.0 x 2.6
Depth (cm) 2 1.5 1.2
Tunneling (cm) .2 .1 .1

Long Road to New Home

Army Sgt. Joel Gomez, 24, has been in and out of hospitals since the Wheaton community began a quest to build him a home nearly a year ago, shortly after he was paralyzed in Iraq, to replace the small Wheaton apartment in which his family was living. He battled pneumonia, bed sores, infections, surgeries, fear of death and loss of hope at various points in those months.

Read more about his story and the role ProBed's Freedom Bed had in restoring restore some of the normalcy he enjoyed before being paralyzed from the neck down in Iraq.

Pain-Free Sleep for Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy Patient

Dear Steve,

The Freedom Bed from ProBed Medical Technologies Inc. is one of the most important products I’ve needed to preserve and enhance my quality of life.

My condition of Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy caused me over 20 years of progressively interrupted sleep. It not only affected me, but all my professional caregivers and family, as they had to turn me. Over these many years I’ve tried every kind of overlay, alternating air, and dry floatation mattress, but nothing ever worked, until the Freedom Bed.

The bed works so well for me because of the flexibility with the turning schedule and degree of turn programming. Once we determined the perfect positions and timing, all the pain caused by pressure ended. My sleep interruptions dropped from every 1-½ hours to less than twice in a twelve-hour period. The time it took for each interruption also dropped from 5 minutes down to a maximum of 2 due to less adjustments of my body.

Before the Freedom Bed I dreaded having to go to bed and endure the nightly chore of attempting sleep. Now I actually enjoy getting a full night of pain free rest to have energy to take on the day.

The Freedom Bed should be honored with an award for excellence in design, quality of workmanship, exemplary service, and a comfortable sleep. Thank you Steve and the ProBed team for providing me one of the most important pieces of equipment to sustain my health and well-being.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I should also mention I’m ventilator-dependent and have not experienced any interference with the hoses and turning.

Vastly Improved Health for 11-year old Quad

Dear Pro-Bed (Tony Da Costa),

I'm writing to tell you how your wonderful Freedom Bed has improved our lives. Ryan hasn't had pneumonia in 18 months and no new pressure sores. His skin is healthy and he is comfortable. His lungs are clear and he and he now has enough strength to blow out a candle.

As an 11-year-old Quad with a rare disorder and multiple past surgeries, Ryan was either getting sick, or getting over being sick but his Freedom Bed changed all that. His doctors are, of course, pleased, and I must say that they are also quite impressed at the difference Ryan's bed has made in his health in the 18 months he has had it.

The quality of this bed is also remarkable it hasn't needed any service or repair and is easy to operate. And I also like how it looks in his bedroom - no "Institutional Look" here! Thank you so much! We would recommend the Freedom Bed to anyone!


Amy Post (Mother)

Freedom Bed Endorsed by Quadriplegic Veteran

Hello my name is Matt and I am a C-4, 5 quadriplegic complete spinal cord injury. I have used the Turn-Q mattress previously before the ProBed. I love the ProBed way more than the Turn-Q mattress. I also feel safer knowing that I have a two-day battery backup.

I am able to control the ProBed with voice commands that are connected to a separate unit. In the old bed once the cycle had started turning, I was stuck in the cycle and could not change it on my own. Now I have more independence; being able to make the bed move with my voice commands. If I am uncomfortable, I can change the way I am positioned at any time. I have a drinking system that is set up on the left side of my bed. In the old bed I had to be awake and catch the straw for water when I was hopefully facing the left side. Now I can just make the bed turn to the left side.

There is not an air motor running all the time, although the computer part of the voice activation system does have a motor. Motors make noise which can keep you awake at night. The computers motor is much quieter than the old Turn Q mattresses air motor. If the power goes out on the Freedom Bed, I do not have to worry about the mattress deflating, like with the old air mattress. I can remember during thunderstorms praying for the power not to go out, because if it did that would mean that I would be laying on a hard springy surface. With the ProBed, the mattress will never lose air, because there is none to lose. With the ProBed I can easily have my caregiver change how long I stay on one side, as well as how much the bed will tilt degree wise. A few degrees may not seem like a lot, but when you are a spinal cord injury patient one degree makes a big difference. It is the same as people without injuries having a preference with how firm their mattress is.

Having a bed that turns you all night long while you are asleep is essentially doing the same thing that the human body does naturally while sleeping for a non- injured person. Pressure is relieved and no sores are developed. Having the ability to raise the head to lower blood pressure comes in handy. As does the ability to raise the blood pressure or to rid the lower extremities of edema by raising the feet of the bed.

Now the Trendelenburg feature of this bed is like icing on the cake. This feature comes in handy by allowing the body to be positioned even better. Pneumonia is the biggest fear of most quadriplegics. Having the ability to put my head way lower, allows my lungs to drain. Since I do not have the lower lung ability to do it myself. Abracadabra, the ProBed does one more thing.

There are numerous advantages to having the ProBed. The fact that it uses 12V motors for the most part of the mechanical operations. This bed will last longer than me. That means I do not have to (bleep) around with the VA or insurance companies every five years trying to get a bed replaced.

One of my favourite non-medical features of the bed is the wood grain finish. It makes me feel like I am sleeping in an actual bed, instead of feeling like I live in a hospital 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I really do enjoy that! My caregivers like the fact that the bed can be raised or lowered for the tallest caregiver or the smallest one. Since no two people are the same why would you have one fixed level for a bed that multiple caregivers will use throughout your lifetime? So this keeps your caregiver's backs from going out.

I have used many different mattresses and beds in the five years since my entry into the world of disabilities. By far, this bed is the best bed for both the patient and his or her caregivers. If there was another bed better than this I would be writing for them not ProBed. But the ProBed is the best bed on the market. Trust me I know because I looked for a month every day all day.

There is nothing else out there!


Matthew Robert Lemke (Veteran)

Improved Health and Better Sleep

In the 7th grade, I had surgery that left me unable to roll at night by myself. When you don't roll at night, sores develop on the body and other problems such as respiratory difficulty developed. My parents would wake up on average 4 times per night to roll me over, but even then the weight of my own body created sores and pain. I would wake up congested and aching.

For six years this went on. I tried many different beds; glorified air mattresses, water beds, more air mattresses, padding, and yet more gargantuan air mattresses that were meant not only to relieve pressure on my body but to turn me over at night. They not only lacked effectiveness in turning my body over, but also in relieving pressure and helping with my respiratory problems. It was then my family learned of the Freedom Bed™, by ProBed Medical.

I tried the Freedom Bed™ at someone else's home and immediately a smile rose to my face. I was able to independently control if I wanted to roll over or not, and my whole body DID turn. Upon actually getting the bed and using it, my morning respiratory difficulty cleared up immediately. The pain in my body was alleviated and the sores went away.

The features that this bed had was that it was a solid frame that was moving and could be automatically set or controlled via a single button. An air mattress would not work for a man of my size- the air sides would inflate and deflate on either side without even affecting me. With the Freedom bed's solid frame moving, you DO roll over when you want to and what side you choose. This is another feature that other beds don't have. The results were improved health and better sleep for my parents and I. The Freedom Bed™ is something I would recommend to anyone.


Dan Hebert

College Student (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II)

The bed has been wonderful, and has made a few trips already between New York and New Hampshire, as Dan goes back and forth to college. I wanted him to write the letter-not us, but needless to say, we love it as much as he does!!

Thank you,

Wanda Hebert (mother)

Smooth Quiet Operation leads to Undisturbed Sleep

Dear Jack,

I wanted to let you and Steve know how very much we value and appreciate Chad’s new bed. It is quite remarkable how we were able to determine that Chad sleeps best when he is turned every 20 minutes, and we were able to program his bed to do just that. Also, the remote switch that you have included is very helpful to Chad, so that when he gets a cramp, he can initiate an extra turn himself.

As you know, we had tried the computerized low air-loss mattress systems, during Chad’s many visits to the two major hospitals in Orlando. Although they “turned” him on a set interval, the surface made him sink into the side to which he was turning and pinned his arm in the soft part of the mattress. Chad has very poor circulation and with his inability to move his arm out of the way, his arm would turn purple, due to the pressure. With the firm and segmented surface of the Freedom Bed™, that isn’t a problem. Also, the noise that the motor in the air-loss beds made whenever he turned or we had to inflate or deflate the mattress was a constant source of irritation to Chad. The air-loss mattress systems also would not have been appropriate for use in our home as we often experience power surges and outages that would have interfered with the continuity of the bed’s operation. Chad’s sleep patterns, such as they are in the best of circumstances are highly irregular and he is easily disturbed. The smooth, quiet operation of your bed and the extra remote control also add to make extended, undisturbed sleep more possible.

As I told you before, we would be most pleased to share our extremely positive experience with the Freedom Bed™ with anyone who would be interested in observing how easy it is to program and operate and how comfortable it is to use. Thanks again for making such a wonderfully thoughtful product.


Rich, Pam, & Chad Rosenberg,

Orlando, Florida

Quadriplegic Regains Privacy, Bed Pays for Itself in Two Years

Dear Steve:

I have been sleeping in your pro bed for over a year now, and I have to tell you that it's lived up to all our expectations.

As a quadriplegic, I have to be turned from one side to the other several times each night to avoid skin ulcers or pressure sores. We thought we'd need someone in the house overnight to turn me at the appropriate times. This would not only be expensive but also an invasion of our privacy beyond what we were willing to tolerate. When we learned about your bed, we knew this was the answer - if it actually worked. But we took a leap of faith and invested our own money in what we felt was an expensive piece of equipment. Let me tell you that it was one of the best investments we have made relative to my needs. The bed has performed its turning function flawlessly. Neither my wife or I are aware of movement during the night, and (touch wood) I have had no skin problems since leaving hospital fourteen months ago. From a financial perspective, the bed will have paid for itself within two years.

My attendants find the bed, with its tilting, rolling and vertical lift functions, helpful in getting up in the morning and back into at night. When the gatches are added, allowing me to sit up and read or whatever, we will be even happier with your product.

Just in case you want someone other than yourself to read this, let me state unequivocally that I offer to put my feelings on this bed in writing, without any kind of suggestion from you that I should do it. Further to this, I would be pleased to speak with anyone who might be contemplating purchasing the pro bed.

Thank you for your assistance last evening, which leads me to make one more statement: that you and your colleagues have been unfailingly courteous and helpful.


Ed Smith

Best Investment to Enhance Life

Dear Peter:

We purchased a Freedom Bed™ from you in 1996. This letter is to report that it has been operating flawlessly since then. Only recently, have we even had to change the batteries!

I know that you have many satisfied customers. However, you may wish to hear from us because we have had the Freedom Bed™ in constant use for such a long period of time.

Our daughter, Jennifer, who is now 10 years old, has been using the Freedom Bed™ since she was five years old. Because she is unable to turn on her own, the Freedom Bed™ has given us many nights of sleep free from interruption from turning.

Sometimes we take the Freedom Bed™ for granted. But we are quickly reminded of its value when we travel anywhere overnight with our daughter.

I can confidently say that the Freedom Bed™ has been one of the best investments we have made to enhance our life. A further bonus is that it requires little or no maintenance and any maintenance that is required is well supported by your firm.

We can heartily recommend your product to others in similar situations and would be happy to take any calls to confirm that.

Yours truly,

Geoffrey Gudewill

Relieves Family Burden of Constant Turning, Improves Sleep

My name is Steven Boren, I am 24 years old.

About nine years ago, I was involved in a bicycle accident in which I suffered a broken neck. This caused severe paralysis, rendering me a quadriplegic. I was 15 years old at the time and was told that my chances for recovering normal use of my limbs was very unlikely.

My injury occurred in Trail, British Columbia, a small city which lacked the facilities I needed for rehabilitation, I was moved to Vancouver and eventually enrolled in the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre. At G. F. Strong, I learned the skills I would need to get on with my life, including the use of a powered wheelchair, basic skills such as feeding myself; getting in and out of bed and as well as other abilities that had to be learned.

I had no intention of being institutionalized, or of depending on others unduly for my care. I saw that the most feasible way of accomplishing this was through higher education and the use of state of the art technical aids.

One of the most difficult problems I encountered as a result of my paralysis was my inability to move while sleeping. I therefore had to be turned manually by nurses every two hours to avoid pressure sores, lower G.I. Infections and other complications. At the time, my mother was assisting in my recovery and during weekend visits home, she was responsible for my care. We quickly discovered that the biggest problem in my returning home was that her sleep would also be disturbed since she would have to awaken and turn me every two hours.

In February 1980, I learned that G. F. Strong was testing a new type of bed. Several other patients and I inquired as to its suitability for my particular situation. This led to my own trial period with the ProBed Home Care unit. I quickly discovered that being turned by this bed was far better than being turned manually. It was possible now for me, and my mother, to get a good night's sleep.

Subsequently, I was discharged from G. F. Strong centre and moved back to my home town of Trail where I continued use of the ProBed. I completed my remaining three years of high school and went on to Selkirk College for the first year of a university transfer program. During these four years of education I was required to maintain a stringent schedule to get to school and do all my work as well as cope with all the other issues of being a quadriplegic. The ProBed was an indispensable asset through this time, since I was able to get the restful sleep I needed to accomplish my goals. I also meant that I didn't have to burden my family with the responsibility of tuning me every two hours throughout the night.

During my post secondary education and my experience of adjustment to my condition in returning to Vancouver, the ProBed has continued to prove a key element in letting me have an independent living status [a condition necessary for my current residence] and in allowing me to maintain a high level of health. The ProBed has freed me from many of the health problems, which immobile people face when unable to move during the night.

Through my knowledge of others with similar disabilities, I have found that I have encountered far fewer health related problems stemming from over exposure to pressure points while in bed.

Continued use of the ProBed will eventually make possible my goal of completely self sufficient living with my own home, job and independent care system I am currently a computer programmer/systems analyst for a leading edge computer display manufacturer, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia and have enjoyed a great deal of success in providing key software for their products.

If I had to list the three main contributing factors to my success of achieving my goals, the first would be my parent, the second would be the inspiration which people like Rick Hansen have provided, and the third is my ProBed and the resulting freedom it has given me.


Steven L. Boren

Freedom to be Independent

by: Jeff L. Day, ATS, CRTS

Nothing enhances life so much as freedom. It goes beyond freedom of expression or the right to work. As most of us working in the Rehab field know, freedom can be closely intertwined with ability. Freedom just to turn or to cough. The simple freedom from being disturbed several times a night to be repositioned. FREEDOM TO BE INDEPENDENT.

A Rehab Technology specialist lives an ongoing vigil to expand the horizons of his clientele. Each day is a quest to identify flew means and methods to utilize the abilities people possess. It is our responsibility to create LIFE where there was only existence. Often you have a client with a specific need and you just can not find the technology to fill the void. That is when the real quest begins, you visualize what is needed and implant the vision in your memory. It is always there and forefront in your mind. Then one day, THERE IT IS!

I had a case like this recently. A young man in rural west Texas living at home with his elderly parents. Nighttime nursing was costing them a fortune, and it was only needed to implement a turning schedule. We decided to pursue other avenues to accomplish MS needs for re-positioning during the night. We tried air surfaces that provided lateral turning, but they had a distal pivot and caused him to slide down when the mattress inflated to turn him. Everything we tried was the same, he would slide when the unit tilted because of the pivot point. Sliding not only caused discomfort and insecurity, but caused real tissue concerns due to shear. Even had we decided to utilize some of this equipment, the cost was quite astronomical and well beyond the grasp of the average person. We tried several different methods to no avail, finally deciding to table the idea and search for flew products being developed.

I had the opportunity to go to the Future Show at Reno, Nevada. My primary reason for attending was to take part in the Pre-Certification study course for the RESNA certification, given by the folks at the University of Pittsburgh. While waiting for class to begin, my wife and I walked through Future Show. Being limited on time, I breezed through pretty quickly trying to absorb as much as possible. Looking at the industry news bulletin board I saw an ad that caught my attention. A company out of Canada by the name of ProBed Medical Technologies Inc. was interested in U.S. dealers for a turning bed they manufacture. I was intrigued. This bed was supposedly a mechanical turning surface, rather than the customary air inflation. This sounded like just what I had been looking for to provide some freedom and independence for my patient. I visited their site on the Internet ( and immediately I knew I had completed my quest. I e-mailed them requesting information and pricing and waited impatiently for a return call. When the call came I was excited to hear even more good news, the bed was AFFORDABLE!

The purchase price for this bed was only two thirds of the yearly budget they currently spent on night time turning. This one time purchase would SAVE my patient a considerable amount over a period of years. Interestingly enough, my patient had been requesting freedom in nighttime positioning, this product was named, the Freedom Bed™!

I had my patient visit the ProBed Internet site and look at the unit, he was VERY excited. I then had the people at ProBed call my patient to explain the mechanics of the unit, they E-Mailed back and forth several times with additional information. Finally we decided we wished to demo the Freedom Bed™ and they sent out a unit immediately.

When the unit arrived, Steve Plummer from ProBed came down to demo the bed to my patient and to show us the programming features available on the bed. We were VERY impressed. Aesthetically appealing, extremely programmable, quiet, energy efficient, and very cost effective the unit even had a built in battery backup allowing the bed to operate for up to 3 days in the event of power failure (something occurring quite often in rural west Texas). My patient immediately chose to purchase the Freedom Bed™

After evaluation of this exciting new product I have come to appreciate the intricacies of its therapeutic benefits. Obviously, it provides the movement needed to alleviate pressure concerns, but there is much more benefit this unit offers. The Freedom Bed™ is much more comfortable and quiet than the average turning surface, but one of the most appreciated aspects is total independence. In addition to maintaining skin integrity, my patient reports much better bowel regularity and a drastic decrease of bladder problems. Before the Freedom Bed™, my patient had bladder infections quite often, since utilizing this bed and its capabilities he has had no bladder infections at all. The ability to override the schedule and turn at his command offers him the opportunity to dispel fluid, easing respiration and clearing his lungs. The unit offers him the ability to turn and cough when he feels the need. It also allows him to turn in the night to urinate, due to loss of muscle control urination when supine is near impossible. Another simple pleasure that is overlooked is overall sleep quality. The bed turns automatically and quietly, there is not someone coming in and waking you for turning. He has much better energy throughout the whole day and is able to focus mentally with better clarity because sleep quality leaves him refreshed and rested.

The technology this bed brings will assist in keeping people out of nursing homes. It will downsize staffing needs for home nursing programs saving astronomical amounts for the patients budget. The Freedom Bed™ offers independence and peace of mind as well as therapeutic and rehabilitative benefit. It will enable people to maintain working status, and improve overall quality of life.

As a Rehab professional, I am incredulous at the prospects this technology offers my clientele. I am not employed by ProBed Medical Technologies Inc., and have no financial interest in the Freedom Bed™ other than as a participating dealer for their beds. I do have a strong interest in the benefits this technology offers my patients, friends, and family. Being certified by RESNA and NRRTS I receive many inquiries from people regarding technology, and I highly recommend this product and the incredible benefits it offers.