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Frequently Asked Questions

Other Questions?

When was the Company established and how long has The Freedom Bed™ been available?

Many years of intensive research and development have allowed us to create what we believe is simply the best rotation therapy system for the immobilized sector of the community. The company was established in 1989 and versions of the Freedom Bed™ have been marketed since 1994. The most recent versions of the Freedom Bed™, complete with their unique air-powered head and leg raising feature, have been available (and receiving “rave” reviews) since the spring of 2001. We feel privileged to build and supply this exceptional bed to the immobilized amongst us.

What Are the Medical Benefits of Rotation?

A healthy, mobile person turns several times an hour while sleeping. This movement relieves pressure, stimulates the body, improves circulation, and prevents problems associated with immobility. Immobilized people who are not turned, or rotated, frequently enough are at significant risk of developing pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores), kidney and bladder infections, and pulmonary / respiratory infections, including pneumonia. Any one of these problems associated with immobility can have serious consequences for the person, including death. The Freedom Bed™, through its ability to provide frequent rotation, and complex positioning, addresses these conditions while improving comfort, independence, control, and quality of life.

How Does The Freedom Bed™ Work?

The horizontal surface of the bed (the platform) that supports the mattress is hinged into three longitudinal sections. The user of the bed is positioned on his/her back in the centre of the three-part platform (the sleeping platform).

Freedom Bed tilted left ProBed Freedom Bed Freedom Bed tilted right

As the bed smoothly and quietly rotates to one side the outer section of the three-part platform on the lower side turns up to form a “wing” which supports the body along its entire length from the ankle to the shoulder. Thus the bed-user is carefully cradled by the bed’s structure to prevent sliding and shear forces that can increase the potential of developing bedsores. Any pressure transferred to this side of the user is thus dispersed along the entire frame of the body. The wing on the upper side of the platform lowers during this process to properly balance the entire platform and provide integral strength throughout the structure. As the bed reverses the rotation the lower wing rises as the higher wing lowers so that, at the horizontal position, all three sections of the platform are horizontal. The bed then automatically rotates to the other side to complete the cycle.

How Far Does The Freedom Bed™ Turn You?

The Freedom Bed™ has a 60° range of rotation - 30° left and 30° right- from the horizontal position. Rotation can be programmed to stop at any degree to meet clinical or specific comfort and positioning requirements of the user. The Freedom Bed’s rotation system is a sophisticated mechanical device that ensures accuracy and consistency of turning.

How Long Can You Stay in Any One Position?

The bed can be programmed to stay in any of the positions (left, right or center) for a time period from 1 minute to 4 hours. Each position can have a different time setting, allowing for a totally adjustable schedule to suit the user. For example, the user could move to 20 degrees on the left side for 1 hour, then 30 minutes at center (horizontal), then to the right side to 27 degrees for 2 hours. The schedule would then repeat through the night. You can also set the bed to not stop at a position by setting that time to “0” minutes. This is commonly done by people who do not like, or are not able, to sleep flat on their backs, but prefer to turn from side to side. NOTE: Your medical professional should be consulted to determine the optimal rotation schedule to meet your specific requirements.

How Many Models of The Freedom Bed™ Are Available?

ProBed Medical Technologies Inc. has developed four models of the Freedom Bed™. Each model is built on the foundation of the company’s unique, patented, well-proven lateral rotation system. Enhancements to the basic model include a variable height (High-Low) platform, Trendelenburg positioning and a unique air-powered head and leg elevation system that provides extremely comfortable seating while reducing seating pressure.

Automatic or Manual Lateral Rotation
Three Sectional Wound Care Mattress
Head and Foot Boards
Dynamic Side Rails
Heavy-Duty Casters
Battery Backup with “Smart” Charger
Air Powered Head and Leg Elevations
Powered Hi -Lo Elevations
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
Standard Length - 78" Sleeping Surface
8" Extended Length for Tall Users - 86"

Note: ProBed offers a longer model (PAR3-A3FX) of the bed for tall persons over 6’1”. Clients with foot drop may also benefit from this model. Contact your representative to discuss if this may be an issue.

Does The Freedom Bed™ Sit Up?

Yes. Models PAR3-A2F and PAR3-A3F come equipped with the head and leg elevation system that allows the user to be in a full-sitting position and in an infinite number of different positions to suit his or her individual needs or preferences.

Does The Freedom Bed™ Have Electric Up and Down?

Yes. Models PAR3-A3 and PAR3-A3F come equipped with a variable height (High-Low) platform that allows the positioning of the platform at any height from 22 inches (wheelchair transfer height) up to 34 inches off the ground (at the level of the top of the mattress). This feature is extremely helpful when moving the user to or from a wheelchair or other item of medical equipment and is, most certainly, of significant benefit to caregivers who can adjust the platform height to provide for comfortable and safe administration of care. It should be noted that approximately 80% of care-giver injuries involve back, neck, and shoulder problems as a result of moving, repositioning or otherwise caring for patients.

Does The Freedom Bed™ offer Trendelenburg and/or Reverse Trendelenburg?

Yes it does. Models PAR3-A3, PAR3-A3F, and PAR3-A3FX offer Trendelenburg positioning. This position results when the entire bed platform is “tilted” along a level plane with the foot end being raised higher than the head end. Reverse Trendelenburg results when the entire bed is ”tilted” along a level plane with the head end raised higher than the foot end. There are numerous medical reasons for requiring Trendelenburg and/or Reverse Trendelenburg positioning and such requirements should be discussed with your medical professional. The turning function of the bed is not affected by the angle of Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg selected.

Does The Freedom Bed™ Have Side Rails?

The Freedom Bed™ comes equipped with “dynamic side-rails”. We call them “dynamic” because they move in unison with the rotational platform to provide an extra level of comfort and safety. Recognizing that many users of the Freedom Bed™ spend many extra hours in bed, the rails have been designed to provide an optimum viewing area around the user and to minimize any feelings of containment. Transparent side rail covers made of clear, tough lexan provide added safety and protection, while allowing clear visibility.

Does The Freedom Bed™ have Battery Back-Up?

Yes. In fact, the Freedom Bed™ runs on a 12-volt DC system that is “topped-up” as required by an automatic smart charge system to ensure that the batteries are always fully charged. With many Freedom Beds being used in residential situations, where emergency power is not usually available, users, care-givers and family members can all get a good night’s sleep knowing that the Freedom Bed™ will operate seamlessly in the event of power disruptions, black-outs, brown-outs etc. This low voltage system also has the added benefits of patient / care-giver safety and substantially reduced operating costs.

Is The Freedom Bed™ Quiet?

The Freedom Bed™ has been designed with the user in mind and can best be described as “whisper quiet” when turning. Rotation is also exceptionally smooth allowing users to sleep through rotations and throughout the night providing them with a “good night’s sleep”. Some operational noise associated with the air-powered head and leg elevating system is noticeable, but this is minimized as much as possible with insulation.

Is The Freedom Bed™ a Mattress Only or a Complete Bed?

The Freedom Bed™ is the only completely integrated mechanical full bed turning system on the market today. It provides many years of safe, comfortable and reliable service to users. Its unique mechanical rotation system is contained within the framework of the bed. It is important to note that, unlike air mattress systems where replacement is a major capital expense, replacement of the Freedom Bed™ mattress, in the event that this is required in the future, is an inexpensive consideration.

What Kind of Mattress Does The Freedom Bed™ Have?

The Freedom Bed™ comes equipped with a high quality, three section, multi density foam mattress, which is hinged longitudinally to follow the contours of the bed. It has a pocket on the head end, which should be slid over the reaction board in the center of the bed. This will keep the mattress in its preferred position while the bed is in motion.

Each of the three sections of the mattress has its own zipper. This allows the removal of the foam for laundering the cover if required. It also allows the changing of a foam section to suit a specific requirement. Note that while the rotation provides very good pressure relief, the bed can be used with specialty foams, gel pads, Roho type inserts etc. if the client requires a custom surface. Contact your ProBed representative to determine what customization is available to meet your specific requirements.

The latest mattress design incorporates three densities of foam laminated together with 2” of visco-elastic foam on top, providing increased levels of pressure distribution and comfort. Visco-elastic foam was originally developed at NASA in an effort to relieve astronauts of the incredible g-forces experienced during lift-off. The cellular structure of visco-elastic foam is completely different. It's made up of billions of high-density spherical memory cells that are very durable and temperature sensitive. The cells in contact with the warm areas of the body will literally soften, shift position and reorganize to conform to body contours.

The foam sections are covered by a medical grade polyurethane coated polyester stretchable wound care fabric. This is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, fluid resistant and vapor permeable material that is fire retardant and meets CAL 117 and other specifications for fire retardancy.

The Freedom Bed institutional mattress has also been tested and complies with California TB129 Flammability Test for Mattresses for use in Public Buildings. There is no extra charge for this mattress, but please let us know if your application will be in a public building, thus requiring this certification.

Can The Freedom Bed™ Be Operated Automatically?

Yes. In fact one of the compelling reasons for using the Freedom Bed™ is its user-friendly programming system that ensures extremely reliable and comfortable automatic rotation for the user and restful nights for family members and care-givers. Easy to follow programming instructions are included in the Users Manual that comes with each Freedom Bed™.

It should be noted that the training session that takes place upon the delivery of each new Freedom Bed™ provides ample opportunity for family members, care-givers and, if appropriate, users, to become fully acquainted and comfortable with programming and the full range of functions to be found on the Freedom Bed™. The automatic rotation program is simple to activate with the push of a single button.

Can The User Control the Operations of The Freedom Bed™?

Depending on the user’s personal circumstances he or she may be able to have full, or partial, control over the many functions of the Freedom Bed™. The company presently offers a hand-held wand for those with full manual dexterity and an override button for those with some movement capability.

The company also offers a “Voice Activation” system to give full control. Please refer back to our web-site from time to time for more information on new products and enhancements to our range of Freedom Beds.

How Big/Heavy is The Freedom Bed™?

The following chart lists sizes and weights are for each model of the bed. Weights include mattress and woodwork.

Weight including mattress 250 lbs
(113 kg)
275 lbs
(125 kg)
350 lbs
(159 kg)
375 lbs
(170 kg)
410 lbs
(186 kg)
Length - Overall 90.5"
Length - Mattress 78"
Width - Overall 41.25"
Width - Mattress 38"
*Extra Length Option Add 8 inches to all length measurements.

Is it easy to install The Freedom Bed™ in a house / apartment / trailer?

No problem at all. The bed is designed to be easily disassembled to allow it to be moved up stairs and elevators, and along hallways without problem. Also, the weight is much lower than many specialty beds, so no extra work to floors or doorways is required.

ProBed also offers a 'Bed Delivery Wheel Kit' that assists in delivery, installation, and moving of beds without having to lift. The kit consists of a set of 2 wheels that bolt to the side of the bed, one at each end. The bed can then be turned on its side and rolled easily through any standard width door or hallway.

For What Medical Conditions is The Freedom Bed™ Recommended?

The clinically proven Freedom Bed™ is recommended for persons suffering from temporary or permanent immobility resulting from:

  • Spinal cord injuries causing paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and stroke
  • Severe respiratory ailments such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Immobility due to aging
  • Cancer
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • AIDS
  • Coma
  • Amputations
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Degenerative disk disease, post-spinal fusion and laminectomy
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)
  • Any other condition where turning assistance is required.

NOTE: The Freedom Bed™ is suitable for persons who are tube fed and/or on ventilators, where they require constant head elevation up to 30°. The bed has a safety feature which prevents rotation when the head is elevated above this angle.

Where are Freedom Beds Used?

Most Freedom Beds are used in residential settings. The reason is that the Freedom Bed’s unique rotation system permits many people to live at home rather than in nursing homes or care facilities, as it solves a care-giving function that is too difficult for many family members due to age, physical strength or their own infirmity. It allows families to remain together and provides for the user and all family members to get a good, uninterrupted, night’s sleep which is a solid foundation for good health for all concerned.

Freedom Bed™ is also designed to be used in extended care facilities and hospitals where it is seen as a benefit to nursing and support staff, in that it reduces the incidence of back injuries caused by turning or repositioning and allows them more time to carry out other necessary and important patient care procedures.

Who Should Not Use The Freedom Bed™ - Contra-indications?

Certain people may have difficulty using an automatic turning bed of this nature. Issues of concern are:

  • Persons with unstable spinal fractures.
  • Persons with significant involuntary spasms.
  • Persons with severe scoliosis. A user must be able to lie in a partial back lying position.
  • Persons weighing in excess of 350 pounds. There are practical limitations on the beds ability to practically rotate larger individuals. Please contact ProBed for further clarification if this might be an issue for you.

What is the support capability of the bed?

The bed is rated to support a person weighing up to 400 lbs. However, there are practical limitations on the beds ability to practically rotate individuals larger than 350 pounds. Please contact ProBed to discuss this in more detail if this might be an issue for you.

Is the Freedom Bed™ Hard to Get Used To?

The Freedom Bed™ is unlike anything you will have tried before and it may take two or three days to become completely used to its operation. Many users find they sleep right through the very first night (although their care-givers continue to check on them every couple of hours for days, or weeks, after installation!) Our advice to potential users is to expect it to be a little different - because it is. You will find the benefits of using the Freedom Bed™ will show up very quickly and you will wonder how you managed to sleep before. The rotation is, in fact, so smooth that some users woke up in the morning and complained that the bed was not working, because they were able to sleep and did not feel the turns!! What a pleasant surprise!

What About Funding – Who Pays for The Freedom Bed™?

Availability of funding varies amongst the many jurisdictions across North America and it is impossible to provide specific information in this regard. However, we can report that several Canadian provinces and a number of states in the US have funded, or assisted in funding, purchases of the Freedom Bed™. Workers Compensation, private insurance companies and Veterans Affairs (contract # V797P-4928a) also fund the Freedom Bed™. Representatives of the company are available to discuss funding issues with potential clients and may, in some cases, be able to offer assistance in making funding applications.

Can The Freedom Bed™ be Leased or Rented?

The company currently has a leasing program in place for institutional or corporate purchasers but not for private individuals. This is being worked on at this time however so please check with us for updates and to discuss your situation.

At the present time ProBed offers Freedom Beds on a limited rental basis depending on your location. Please contact us for more information specific to your needs.

Is The Freedom Bed™ Expensive / Cost Effective?

The Freedom Bed™ is competitively priced when compared with other specialty beds available. As a full bed mechanical system, the bed is designed to last and provide many years of flawless and cost effective service. This is because, the lateral rotation capability of the Freedom Bed™ addresses many of the complications associated with immobility and has been proven to reduce and even eliminate hospitalization caused by many common conditions such as pneumonia. Using the Freedom Bed™ can result in reduced care-giver costs, lower medication and drug expenses, and an improved lifestyle.

In the final analysis, users of the Freedom Bed™ consider it priceless.

See Cost-Benefit Analyses.

Can I Talk to Someone Who Uses a Freedom Bed™?

Yes. Many users, family members of users, case managers and other interested parties are very willing to talk about the Freedom Bed™ and its many benefits. Please contact the company for more information.

Does the Freedom Bed™ have Regulatory Approval?

Yes. The beds have regulatory approval in both Canada and United States.

How Do I Get More Information, or Get a Freedom Bed™?

Simply complete the “Contact Form” and we will be happy to send you a full package of information including, brochures, price list and testimonials.

If you prefer, please call our toll free number at 1-800-816-8243, or our direct line at 604-852-3096 to speak with a ProBed representative who will learn about your needs and help you determine if one of the Freedom Bed’s can provide a solution for you.

You may also email us at

Feel free to download brochures and information from our contact page.